Frequently Asked Questions


It says that the Rotrex C30-94 is capable of 400+BHP how do I get this?

We restrict the Clubsport kit to 300BHP to maintain reliability on the stock engine. A forged engine and other supporting hardware is required to achieve 400+BHP.

Do I require any other parts for the supercharger kit?

An uprated exhaust manifold is required for both kits. For Club Sport we recommend clutch & full exhaust system.

Can I buy the kit and fit it myself?

The kit can only be fitted at our HQ at this moment in time. The prices stated include VAT and are fully fitted turn key conversions.

Do I have to use high octane fuel?

With any performance vehicle we always recommend the use of the best fuel available to you. Our preferred choice is Shell V Power (99RON). Lower octane calibrations are available.

Do I need to upgrade my brakes?

The MX5 has a very good stock brake setup, if used on the track or driven hard we recommend a disc and pad upgrade.

Do I need to upgrade my suspension?

The MX5 is a very nicely balanced and setup from the factory. We recommend a good alignment setup and a set of lower springs if driving hard or on track

What warranty is available with the kits?

1 year parts and labour on all components.

Will the kit affect the fuel economy?

At cruise conditions the fuel economy should be unaffected.

Does the supercharger require maintenance?

The Rotrex oil should be changed every 50,000 miles or two years whichever comes sooner.

Does this kit fit other MX5's?

The kit will only fit the 2006 - 2015 Mazda MX5 NC. It will not fit NA,NB or ND. Development has been done with the 2.0 engine but it will also fit the 1.8 (1.8 performance figures are different to the 2.0).